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If you haven’t heard about a new television show premiering in Los Angeles called ¡HOLA! LA, get ready to be rescued from overplayed vampires and politicians!
Although the show is local, covering Los Angeles County and many of its surrounding communities in Southern California, the buzz—thanks to social media has gone viral—and congratulatory shares, likes, and tweets are streaming in from across the nation.
Why the big hoopla?

¡HOLA! LA is a talk show that provides a Latina perspective on English-language TV. It’s as simple as that. One of our favorite explanations about the show is:

Why ¡HOLA! LA?

Because Oprah didn’t do it.

Cristina did it in Spanish.

Tyra didn’t think of doing it.

And, The View… Whose View?

What the co-hosts of ¡HOLA! LA bring to the table is the American-Latina view it’s definitely what has been missing at the table show talk. The show is co-hosted by four incredibly accomplished and gifted women professionals:

Bel Hernandez Castillo:  President/CEO of Latin Heat Media, Inc. is an integrated media and entertainment company focused on the production of high quality, profitable content and events focused on the U.S. Latino Market.  Bel is also the Executive Producer of ¡HOLA! and is one of the most respected Latinas in Hollywood credited for helping Hollywood.  Bel recently received an NCLR, ALMA Award for her 20 years of publishing Latin Heat. She was nicknamed the “Godmother of Latino Hollywood” by MovieMaker magazine. Bel is married to veteran actor/director/producer Enrique Castillo (Weeds) and is the mother of actress/filmmaker Karina Noelle.

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