Cafecito Cubano “Live from Havana”


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Aramis Pazos and Chino Casino Host Cafecito Cubano “Live from Havana” this jam packed  musical journey is a celebration of Cuba’s rich  Culture, Music and Dance. From Timba to Son, from Salsa to Cubaton, all this and more are part of Cafecito Cubano “Live from Havana. Your host are two of Atlanta’s top Casino and Timba Dance instructors as well as musicologist we are sure they will teach you a step or 2.

Cafecito Cubano “Live from Havana” is an independent OVNLatino Production devoted to preserving, traditional and contemporary Cuban culture, with a focus on music and dance. Our goals is to show the new Cuba and its people who welcome us to be part of their culture. A Cuba which makes its culture engulf you, watch Channel 47 and see Cuba’s timeless facadas of Spanish architecture, it soul stirring music, its warm and welcoming people. The Cuba that although is 90 miles from our coast, is still a wrapped in mystery.

So join Chino Casino and Aramis Pazos as they explore the mystique behind this fascinating country.  CUBA

Want to Learn to Dance Visit Chino Casino and Aramis Pazos

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