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Tha Aladino Show

Aladino is natural video journalist, celebrity interviewer, and stand-up comic, he also is producer and host of “Live from New York…” it’s “the Aladino Show”

About Aladino, Growing up in Colombia at an early age Aladino found himself attracted to the world of Acting. At  age 16 he played a small role as a “Portuguese Soldier”  in the movie, ‘The Mission’, starring Robert DeNiro and Liam Neeson. Inspired by Mr. DeNiro and Mr. Neeson, Aladino took time to talk with Neeson while filming in Colombia and decided to follow his acting dreams.

Aladino’s outstanding personality has always worked in his favor. When Alain was 10 years old, Former French President Francois Mitterand while was Minister of Education came to visit Colombia and  Aladino with his magnetic charm ended up as a guest at the President’s table, where they conversed at length in French . . .

Alain took  years of acting school in Atlanta where he did stand-up comedy at The Punchline Club and also played the role on the play “The Mousetrap” as Mr. Paravicini at the Alliance Theater and also played as an actor at The Basement Improvisation Theater before moving to New York City – primed to move on with his career. . . All the way to the top!

A Lot of humor featuring many High fashion  models from around the world as co-hosts  showing  the posh, luxury life  style of these New Yorkers, as well as many interviews of top fashion  show events  featuring celebrities, famous night clubs,  restaurants and  places. the Aladino Show is at all the Red Carpet Events in New York. Los Angeles, Paris France and Abudabi, United Arab Emirates. He speaks with all the superstars from Robert Dinero to PitBull and Michelle Rodriguez to Florida, he knows them all and better yet they know him. He get’s to the bottom of all the juicy gossip you want to know.

Watch Live from New York… It’s the Aladino Show on OVNLatino Channel 47.

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