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These rates are put together as a basic guideline only, for crew and equipment. They are negotiable dependant upon the duration of the project, however .”Rates are predominantly influenced by the size, format, budget and style of the production”. Commercial rates are different from television and feature film, the latter being lower due to the length of employment. Listed below is a range of daily rates. The exact daily rate is usually within these figures. These rates are based on a 10 hour day.

* Day = 10 consecutive hours, unless otherwise noted   * ½ Day = 5 consecutive hours. ½ Days are charged at 60% of the full day rate

* For all studio production, and studio rentals, a studio supervisor is required   * Production Coordinator required on all projects and productions

STUDIO PRODUCTIONS ½ Day Minimum. Full Day after 5 hours. Includes Green Room, Makeup/Wardrobe Rooms.

Studio Production Setup and Strike   Personnel not included. Includes studio, lighting & grip equipment. •    Day $1,200 •    ½ Day  $720 •    Hourly OT  $180

Single Camera Studio Production   Includes studio, single camera, lighting & grip package, audio. Setup/Strike and Personnel not included.   –

Without control room, straight to tape: •    Day  $2,000 •  ½ Day  $1,200 • Hourly OT  $ 300

With control room, switcher, DVE, teleprompter: •  Day $2,500 •    ½ Day $1,500 •    Hourly OT  $ 375

Multi-Camera Studio Production  Includes studio, 4 cameras, control room, switcher, DVE, teleprompter, Setup/Strike and Personnel not included.

• Day $4,500 • ½ Day  $2,700 •  Hourly OT $675

FIELD PRODUCTIONS   Ten hour day includes transportation time portal to portal. ½ Day Minimum. Full day after 5 hours. Includes camera/recorder, field lighting, grip and audio equipment. Personnel not included.

HD Field Production •    Day   $1,000 •    ½ Day   $600 •    Hourly OT  $150

EDITING SERVICES   8 hour day. Editor not included. HD and SD Capable. ½ Day Minimum. Full day after 5 hours.

Final Cut Pro HD •    Week  $4,200 •    Day  $500 •    ½ Day  $300


Additional Camera   Up to 2 additional cameras. 10 hour day. •    Each  $250/day

Additional Deck   Multiple HD and SD formats. 10 hour day. •     Each   $250/day

Jib Rental   15 foot jib. Camera and Personnel not included. •       Day     $350 • ½  Day  $210 •    Hour $50

Lighting and Grip Equipment   In-house use only. Personnel not included.

Streaming and Webcasting •    Priced by project

Internet Connection •    Each   $150/day

Chroma Key for Field Production   Only available with Electronic Field Production. •    Day  $300

Set Elements and Props   Prices for existing set elements, props, and furniture (as is). Construction or Refurbishing priced upon request. •    Existing Sets/Props    $500/day •    Risers and Staging     $500/day

Videographer (All Formats)     $450/270/65

Jib Camera Operator                 $450/270/65

Camera                                         $400/240/60

Additional Personnel   (Quoted by project)

Writer/Producer   On-camera Talent   Voice Talent   Transcriber   Makeup Artist   Wardrobe Specialist   Casting Specialist   Location Scout   Craft Services Specialist   Studio Teacher   Translator

Notes:   *Production Coordinator required on all projects and productions.   *For all studio production, and studio rentals, a studio supervisor is required.


Agreement and Deposit Prior to any services rendered by OVNLatino, a binding Service Agreement must be agreed upon and signed by the Client and OVNLatino . A deposit of 60% the total estimated cost of services is due in advance of work. The deposit will be credited to the total cost of services upon final billing.

Studio Rental Terms Pricing includes electricity, makeup and dressing rooms, and green room.  A stage day is a rental of up to ten (10) consecutive hours.  Overtime charges apply for studio rental beyond ten (10) consecutive hours. The time computed for rental begins at the first prearranged crew call, whether or not the Client’s team has arrived, and ends when the last person on Client’s team has left the building.  A setup day is defined as a studio rental day reserved for lighting and set preparation and excludes television or film recording.  Production day rates apply to studio rental that involves television or film recording of any duration.

Cancellation Penalties Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice of scheduled work will be billed at 50% of booked rate. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours of scheduled work will be billed at 100% of booked rate.  Weekend cancellations must be made by 5:00 PM of the previous Thursday to avoid full charge.

Cleanup & Damage Penalties All spaces used by Client must be returned to their original condition on completion or Client will be charged for any damage, painting and clean-up necessary at cost plus 25% markup.  Cleanup and/or damage repair by the Client must be completed to the satisfaction of OVNLatino, at client expense. The exception to this clause is hard cyc paint-out, for which KPBS is responsible.

Insurance Requirement When renting OVNLatino Studios, client must provide proof of Comprehensive General Liability insurance providing coverage against claims for Bodily Injury or Death, and Property Damage.  Such insurance shall provide protection to the limit of not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage.  This insurance policy must name “JAMIII Media Group” as an additional insured with respect to work being performed.

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