Pay Per View

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Start making money today by charging your viewers a fee to watch concert, workshop or  webisodes video content.

Content is king and if you know how to monetize it, you are the one holding all the chips.  OVNLatino provide the most affordable and powerful PPV solution. No need to waste time looking – instead start making money now! It’s an ideal solution for movie premieres, training videos, tutorials, live events and performances

OVNLatino offers a complete pay per view system that is available the minute someone creates an account. To monetize your live stream or pay per view stream, the OVNLatino system is set up to be flexible. There is no need for additional sign up, with full monetization features offered out of the box to create premium content while rates are user defined and from an included merchant account. Our state-of-the-art server technologies ensure that your content is delivered in the highest quality to all desktops, tablets, mobiles and connected TVs – Allowing your videos to be watched anytime, anyplace, anywhere. You control where, when and how viewers can and can’t watch your content.  Giving you fine-gained control for approved networks and audiences.

 OVNLatino Engineers assist you every step of the way with set up of your program and you define how much to charge for content. The OVNLatino platform does take a commission on each transfer done over the system. This commission is 30% plus $1.00 on each viewer purchase made to cover merchant account, PayPal, bank transfer and other fees that OVNLatino addresses for broadcasters.

You work hard to film your content  why not Monetize it.


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