Television like you are used to no waiting, buffering or jitter. OVN Latino is the leading online television network for the Latino Technorati. OVN Latino has emerged as the leading independent producer video network, and is attracting many of the very best internet video talent and advertisers. Based in Atlanta Ga. the company has 5 employees, led by a strong core team out of LISTA, AT&T, GenTV, Univision, La Mega and OVN. In the winter  of 2011 OVNLatino was born and 2 years later we emerge as the world’s leading on-line digital Television Network.

OVN Latino, where the best of TV meets the best of the web. We offer a full slate of talk, comedy, entertainment, education and other unscripted shows. In the meantime, Register to receive your free basic channels and enjoy our streaming and pay-per view events as well.

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Our Platform

Our platform gives you, the independent producer the power to scale production, monetize and distribute your video content for our engaged online viewers. Built from a real techs point of view, OVNLatino has even more in store for our viewers like expanding programs in gaming, comedy, news and entertainment and more on its way. Shows are hosted by you our Latino producers, bloggers, experts and quirky Youtubers, who are leaders of their Local Latino community.

Our Shows

Our professionally produced HD shows are watched anywhere, anytime and on any device – from handheld iPhones and iPads to notebooks and PCs, all the way up to home theaters. Our shows are viewed throughoutht the United State and in 152 countries around the world.

Our shows are created by you and our production team with monthly episodes and community driven programs viewed by our committed Latino fan base. These shows are HD, and run 12, 22, 45 and 60 minutes. We grow, unearth, nurture and promote the shows that sit at the center of local Latino communities.  Our hosts are at the top of their game, with extreme clout over their fans.

Advertising and Sponsorship

The relationship amidst the Latino community and the  these prominent independent producers creates a trusted environment that advertisers covet, unlike YouTube user generated content. OVN Latino is attracting many top advertising and brands, including AT&T, Ford, La Mega 96.5 and Verizon. There is a unique connection between brand and viewers via customized message integration and product placements and host mentions, it is a feeling of a trusted advisor. Click here for more information on how to advertise on OVNLatino.

Our Viewers

Over 2 million viewers watch OVNLatino’s Latino centric programs each month from the United States to Brazil To Spain. Our band of uber-users  are informed, entertained and connect socially through the internet. They believe that every screen should be a video device, whether iPhone or Android, Mac or PC… OVN Latino Delivers.

Our Audience Snapshot

OVNLatino’s original product placement and sponsorship messaging has created an effective and efficient vehicle for building brands and selling products and services.

  • 80% 18-34 year olds.
  • 93.6% consider our sponsors and partners trusted advisors.
  • 75% will click on your banner or commercial.
  • 40% of OVNLatino viewers have purchased a product or      service from a show sponsors.
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