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If you’re interested in becoming part of OVNLatino talented network of content creators, Independent film and video producer from around the world,  please fill out and submit the form below.

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Latino Independent Producers, Content Providers, Directors, grow your business through TV Everywhere Opportunities at OVNLatino.

Your program is your business…Let us help you Monetize it. 

OVNLatino helps you hostdistribute, and monetize, your program series. It is free and you own all of your content!                           We give you the network to build your program into a viable business.

To be on OVNLatino, you need to be producing an original series.

Episodic of an original programming are…

  • Released regularly and predictably (or a large back catalog of episodes) Bi Monthly, Monthly, or Weekly
  • Edited and packaged for our rapidly growing Latino audience.
  • Must be delivered on a consistent basis
  • Past shows for possible rerun to our viewers acceptable as long as it isn’t 2 years old.
  • Shows can be in English with Latino theme, Spanish or bilingual

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