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girl watching 2nd screenOVNLatino is the premier online television network for the connected generation. Our original content and programs are either produced by us or industry professionals whose love for long form story telling is a way of life and is watched by a seriously committed -Latino fan based that is focused on the next great programs watched by a enthusiastic, engaged subscribers base. We are a uniquely positioned in our community, as we cross market across multiple platforms using social media, website and new media to target and reach our audience.

Our Online distribution network of independent film and show producers delivers unique content to the Latino community. This isn’t your mother’s novelas or your Dad’s sport show… IT’s Social TV . Augmented by the use of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, RSS feeds and Podcasts, our content has develop a following from bloggers to social maniacs. Lastly through our daily updated newsletter to our private subscriber list of students, professionals, entrepreneurs, non profits, and college students you will reach the first adopters and trendsetters of the Latino community.

These highly passionate and loyal trendsetters find most of their information  and entertainment through the internet, and that is the way discover most of our content that sit at the center of these productive and animated viewers, which  watched TV anywhere, anytime, on any device from iPhones to Galaxy4, From MacBooks to PCs. Our shows are viewed whenever and wherever they want.

OVNLatino networks content, the use of Internet, email campaigns and the production in  both English and Spanish languages, make up a attractive combination to our increasing segment  Latino community The Young Latino Urban Professional. OVNLatino advertisers develop a strong connection with these viewers through hosts mentions, product placement, and drop downs. Making these unique campaigns are our specialty, this is what we do well, develop successful branding campaigns from direct response to branding reaching the Latino community.

 Es Nuestra Comunidad.  Es Nuestra Vida.

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