Inside OVNLatino

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Our Mission is Simple!

Showcasing the Latino Experience through Film and Video!

Our mission is to showcase the best of Latino production in music, independent film,  comedy, drama,  arts, business and community awareness from around the country and distribute this content utilizing new media, on every screen showing positive programming about our Latino community.

OVNLatino is the place to discover the best in original programming  Community activity, web-novelas Music and much much more  from new and professional producers. Giving the Voice back to the people so they can tell our stories, our successes.

We give viewers free access to a wide variety of shows and make it easy to find what you want in whatever platform you are using when you want it.  The programs and web-series showcased on OVNLatino are hand-picked by our editors, so it’s easy to find the most entertaining options available in both English and Spanish.

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